Sketchup 2016 unresponsive for hours

Hi there, been having trouble with SketchUp recently and was wondering if anyone could help because I haven’t found a solution for it. Basically I am running a 40mb model on sketchup 2016 and when simply trying to extrude a shape it froze and became unresponsive, and has been for the last three or so hours. My computer isn’t the best. It’s getting old. My cpu usage was clocked at 100% for some time, so I closed all other processes taking it up and set sketchups priority level to high and made sure it’s affinity was spread to both cores of the processor. It still won’t respond, even though cpu usage is down to 54% now.

Because my pc has become progressively worse I have had to disable autosave on sketchup as it backlogs saving attempts and I can never get anything done. Trouble is, I often get carried away and forget to save, this case being such an example. I have had no bug splats and rarely do. Its just freezing for hours. This happens more and more often.

Has anyone else ever experienced this? Should I just leave it running and hope it comes back? I’d really prefer not to lose what I’ve done. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You could let it go and see what happens but it may not help. What’s your time worth? Maybe it would make more sense to pull the plug and try again. Since this seems to be an ongoing thing, perhaps you would be wise to look into getting a new computer. How many hours of lost working time do you need to rack up to equal the price of a new computer?

Looking at your hardware profile, I wonder if your graphics card and driver might be the problem? If you only have the onboard Intel graphics, and no separate card, the card and driver may have bugs or missing Open GL functions, which are commonly reported causes of SU hanging, or bug-splatting.

If you DO have a separate card installed, see if you can tell SU to use it.

It’s about 3 hours of working time I’d lose, but rather a large amount of work within that time. A new computer is a little (actually quite a lot) out of my budget at present so I shall have to make do. I’ll open the last save and see how much I’d have to redo if worse comes to worse. Spent so much time working out measurements I just forgot to make sure it was saved.

I only have the built-in card. Never considered buying an external one. Didn’t want to tamper with the system I suppose. I’m scared of ruining something haha :stuck_out_tongue:

If you can’t afford a new computer, could you buy and install a cheap or second hand nVidia card to suit your machine?

Are you using SU Make or Pro? Is it just for hobby use? If so, your time may not have a direct commercial value so DaveR’s suggestion might not be a relevant justification for a whole new machine.

Im working toward a new pc at present. I’m long overdue!

I’m using Sketchup Make, and purely for hobby usage, but with the hopes it’ll become something more.