Sketchup freezes which makes the whole computer freeze and a hard reset is necessary


Im having the following problem when modelling in sketchup 2019.
While working on a model sketchup freezes for a second after which I can use my curser for a second after sketchup freezes totally and at that point my whole computer freezes and a hard reset is necessary.

Sometimes this happens when working on a model for 10 minutes other times it will just work fine for hours.

The problem happens in every model, big and small models.
For example it happens in the following model with these stats:
File size:1113.94KB
72 components
1 edge
8 layers
6 materials
1 style

This only occurs when using Sketchup.
Working in Illustrator, Autocad, Photoshop, Indesign on bigger files is just fine.

My laptop has the following hardware
Intel I7 3630QM 2,4Ghz
Nvidea Ge Force GT 750M, 1gb
Windows 10

I hope somebody is able to help in a direction to fix this because I need this for my graduation project.

thank you in advance


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Go to the Nvidia control panel make sure the Nvidia card is selected as the Open GL rendering GPU. Go to the Nvidia site and download the latest graphics driver. Set the Power management mode to Maximum Power. Change the settings in Windows Power Management to reflect the same. In Sketchup go to Preferences>Open GL and unset Use Fast Feedback. With luck this should help.

Thank you for the fast reply, changed these settings and i’m trying it out. i will come back with the result.

Windows power management only has the ability to change power output to the CPU, i could not find the GPU setting.

Energycontrol for proccessor

Sorry it is in dutch don’t know how to change it to show it in english

Minimum and maximum, change both to 100%