Its been 6 hours my sketchup not responding

I havent save the file, and now my sketchup is not responding. What should i do?

Please help me, tomorrow is the deadline
I will die

Did you disable Autosave? If not, maybe there’s a backup somewhere.

Your forum profile doesn’t state which OS you are on, which info could affect the solution! Please update it.

By “not responding” I assume you mean you are seeing the OS indication that the app isn’t handling incoming GUI events. What were you doing before it got stuck? Also what extensions do you have installed?

I dont remember about autosave, but the layout one alwasy have backup

Sorry, i dunno what OS i am. I dont remember it and i cant check it.
I trying to pull an object and it happen

I use windows

If you haven’t disabled autosave you will likely have a backup somewhere on your drive.

Even if i never cllick save during i made the model?? I’m afraid it doesnt save my latest model, its so far away.

Default autosave period is set for (I think) 60 minutes, so the oldest you could expect to find is one hour older than the time SketchUp quit working. Unless you actually changed this time or disabled autosave in settings a backup likely exists on your computer.

The default autosave is set to 5 min. There might be a temp file in %AppData%/SketchUp/SketchUp 2023/SketchUp/Working folder

Ah, yes, that’s right! My bad. I think I changed it to 60 minutes because (auto)saving slows my old potato laptop to a crawl.

If you had closed the program and opened again it would’ve told you that there’s a more recent version of that file, in 6 hours you could’ve done all the work that wasn’t autosaved, specially if the deadline is so close.