Can I save my Not Responding file?

My SketchUp suddenly not responded and I haven’t saved my work. Does it change back to “responding”? Do I still have hope it will work again?

there’s an autosave feature even if you never saved your file. If you did once, the autosave will be placed in the same folder. you can check the time it was autosaved or even make a copy of it and open it.

On PC if you never saved it it will be in my documents, named untitled, but since your on macOS I don’t know, I’m sure if you search this forum you will find about it.

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If you saved the file at any point, the autosaved version will be in the same directory as your saved file. If you never saved the file at all, the Autosaved file could hopefully be here:

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2018/SketchUp/Autosave/

~ means your home folder and replace 2018 with the version of SketchUp you’re using.

If you’ve left it running long enough (for 9 hours even?) it might finish what it’s doing and start responding again.

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I’m late to the party but I’ll add a little to anyone that comes across this:

I’ve experienced the “not responding” on several occasions. Often its when performing an operation such as solid tools on a “complicated” part with many faces and edges. SketchUp can sometimes take a while to process depending on your system and it’s probably worth waiting to see if it does complete the operation successfully. If not you will likely get a Bug Splat and an autosave to revert to, IF you have it enabled of course.

I remember trying to “outer shell” a part someone had uploaded earlier this year and that took 50 minutes to process. There was a lot of excess geometry and a bit of a mess, so I kinda knew it would take a while. I just let it go and it came back to life after the operation had completed.

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A common mistake is assuming a program has crashed just because you see the spinning beachball cursor. It just means it hasn’t responded to the UI for a couple of seconds and that could just be because you gave it a lot of work to do.

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