Sketch up not responding

I’m doing a project for university and was nearly finished and sketchup has said not responding for about 10 minutes i don’t want to lose my work.

Presumably you are working in SketchUp Pro and not the Free Plan which you put in your forum profile and which is the web based version for hobbyists. What operating system are you using? The correct answer should be some version of the Mac OS, Windows 10, or Windows 11. 2023 does not answer that question.

Not Responding usually means that SketchUp is busy doing something and you need to wait.

Where is the file saved? Hopefully on an internal drive in your computer. What is the model of? Have you added a lot of content from the 3D Warehouse? Have you kept the model clean and light by choosing low-poly entourage and purging unused stuff?

At this point just be patient and hope it finishes what it is doing.

@sheadoran6, on top of what @DaveR wrote, have you saved your model prior to what SketchUp is doing now? Or is it still saving / trying to save an “autosave” version of your model. That could mean SketchUp is hanging.
It sometimes happens (to me at least) if I wait too long giving a model a specific name to "Save as …) in SketchUp Web Free.
p.s. I just don’t want to name and save everything I’m checking out in SketchUp, hunting for issues and/or bugs. And I then may get punished for that.

Just in case you don’t want to wait. If you haven’t saved but you have enabled the option to autosave, you can close SketchUp from the task manager then open the file you were working with and SketchUp should tell you that a most recent version of the file was saved and ask you if you want to open that version, depending on the time you set to autosave to know how much time of your work was lost.