What is this diagonal grid on the faces of my active group?

Since yesterday or so, i notice something that i think is new, i guess i have accidentally changed some setting, added texture or i don’t know what:
There’s this pattern on all surfaces of the active groups…
I guess the experts recognize what it is?

What version of SketchUp? Please complete your profile.

Looks like you have hidden geometry turned on. View>Hidden geometry. If that’s not it, share the file so we can see.

Thanks Dave.
SU Pro 2017, i updated my profile.
No, it’s not hidden geo.
The file is big, i think i have to upload it somewhere else.
What i did realize: It is not on all geo, but only on one(some?) group(s). Have to check deeper.
Also, it does not show on all zoom levels.
the stuff with the grid is also not showing correct in LO:

Upload it to Drop Box and share the link. Upload the LO file, too.

Ok, this is the SU Model:

LO is still uploading…

… and this is the LO file.

The material of some of the groups is set to the “Concrete Masonry Unit” Pattern. Easy fix - just select the “White” material and repaint all of the surfaces.

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As indicated by cannellbd, you’ve applied a material to the group(s). You can see that when you look at Entity Info. Instead of applying the white material, though, apply the default material to the groups. Apply any other materials to the faces inside the groups.

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Thanks a lot all, resetting to the default material fixed my issue.