HELP! Materials aren't displaying correctly


I’m working on a project and have run into an issue that I’ve never experienced before. During my work session, I noticed that at some point, an error occurred where specifically the walls facing me were not displaying the material color correctly. It’s such a specific issue so it’s kind of hard to explain. I will include pictures. See how for example, the reddish color is supposed to be throughout the bathroom but the wall facing me is a lighter version of the color. This is the same problem for all the other walls facing me. It has nothing to do with shadows I know that for sure. When I pick up the material on it, it displays in my entity info as what it should, yet it’s displaying a lighter color. Please help! I have no idea what this means or why it happened, let alone how I can fix it. Thank you!

It looks like normal behavior, SU changes the shading as you move to create a 3d effect.
If that isn’t the case you need to attach the model for someone to diagnose the issue.

It’s not the 3D effect. I can tell. It wont upload the model? Sorry, this is my first time posting here.

Probably because your file is too large. Upload to DropBox and share the link.

Thanks! Here you go!

It is shading with SU trying to show the 3D-ness. You have Use sun for Shading turned on in the Shadow settings. Turn it off and you’ll see what you are expecting. That’s not a bug. At least not a bug in SketchUp. The materials are displaying correctly based on the settings you have made.

omg I would’ve never guessed! Thank you so much!

FWIW, it wouldn’t hurt to clean up your model. I cleaned it up and got rid of the following which resulted in about a 59% decrease in file size.

Screenshot - 4_11_2020 , 10_52_44 PM

Thank you! That’s something my teachers never showed me lol. I appreciate your help!

That’s unfortunate. You can get rid of unused components, materials, tags, and styles with Purge Unused in Window>Model Info Statistics. I ran ThomThom’s CleanUp3 (see the Extension Warehouse) which also removed unneeded edges and faces and merged duplicate materials.

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