Materials change after re-opening the SU model


I have a problem with one of my SU models. When I open the file the colour of my window frame appear pink (instead of black) and the glass colour is changed as well.

When i change it, save, and re-open the file… it change again! Does anyone know how this can happen. I work in China, so my colleagues who worked with the same file before might use a Chinese version of SketchUp. (version 8 or higher)

I hope you guys know what the problem can be, thanks!


As a wild guess, is Fog turned on?



no, it is not the fog… the first screenshot i made when SU was not responding, that’s why you see the foggy effect :smile:


Have you made sure that the facing faces are actually front faces and not back faces? No sure why it would make a difference, but it might. (Turn the mode to “Monochrome” from the “Styles” toolbar - everything should be light; dark faces are back-to-front)


Thanks for your suggestion… I tried, but it isn’t the problem! :disappointed:


are all materials applied to ‘faces’ or are some applied to groups, components or even layers?

the other area to check is the actual material names, is there a conflict?



The only other thing I can think on is that you have used an identical material somewhere else and edited it; unless you make the material “unique” if you change it in one place, it will change everywhere.