Identical Transparent Materials not looking the same

Hey guys, I was wondering if things have been changed in sketchup from the earlier versions so that they handle materials differently. I recently got a new computer after several years of nothing, and opened a tiny house model I had last worked on WAAAAAAAY BACK in Google Sketchup 8. I am using Trimble SketchUp 2018 now.

I continued working on the bathroom in the building, finishing the glass walled shower, but when I started applying glass materials to the new panes of glass, they would not match the original. Not even using the eye dropper on the old panes to match the material worked, so the older glass panes are MUCH LIGHTER than the newer ones. I don’t know what’s going on and this is frustrating me.

Here’s a screenshot

@gr8fzy1, you have shadows on, so that makes a difference.
What happens if you turn it off and also play with the sliders?


No there is no reason the same material should be different in two places in the same drawing.
It could be something to do with the shadows. How about double faces?

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I’m not sure the inherent materials have changed since SU8but as @g.h.hubers says the shadow settings can affect the look, but having said that the shadows would affect all instances the same. Because the glass panels are angled they will each look different. It might be a better test to put two panels side by side on the same plane to compare. but if you are sampling one and applying to another it should be the same too. Another option to check is the “shadows” settings is “use sun for shading” but again this should affect all instances the same. The opacity slider can alter the look but would also affect all the same instances of the material unless the texture had been made “unique” but it would carry another name or have #1 after it? Lastly, what could affect the look is if the glass panels have thickness and are not just a two sided plane, as what could of happened is that the interior surfaces have another texture on them? which would affect the look from the outside.

The material is the same, it’s just the " use sun for shading" setting, the sliders and the face angle towards the sun.

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I turned the shadows off, and it DID make all the glass of the shower equal in tone. So it was the shadows causing the problems. I don’t understand why only one pane was different though because they were ALL in shadow.

All the glass panes are a single pane, 5/8ths inch thick. I have the faces painted with the same materials inside and out.

It would be much easier to give you a correct answer if you could share the SKP file so we can see exactly how everything is set up.