Sketchup Materials Dialog Box Problem?



Good Day! I am having a problem with the dialog box for the “Materials” in SU 2017 pro. I created a new material image, but it came in with a 25% opacity… Since SU always clips off 1/2 the settings, you have to grab the center line right above the “select” bar and stretch it downward to revel the bottom half of the settings where the opacity slider is… When I grab it and “stretch” it downward, it does nod stretch the window downward to change the opacity to 100% ??? Any ideas on what’s causing this???
Thanks Mattee


Can you show a screen shot of what you’re seeing? For me, the Materials window always opens large enough to see the Opacity slider in the edit tab.

Out of curiosity, though, why did the material come in with 25% opacity? If the image has transparency, I don’t think you can eliminate that with the Opacity slider.

Can you share the texture image?