Materials Tab (SU 2017)

Hi guys, I’m newbie to SU, just a few hours onboard. I’ve been bumping my head over the Materials Tab though. It no longer exists? I only have a very limited Colors Tab, where the functions don’t even work properly (i.e. resizing a texture, changing the opacity)! That’s basically the only 2 things available for me to do in this Colors Tab. Is this because of any Preference that is set wrong? :neutral_face:
Can/should we download free texture libraries into the software or is it better to download as needed, like the 3D Warehouse?
Any help is welcome. Thanks.

Could you post a screen shot of the Colors window?

Until you get the native materials thing sorted, I wouldn’t complicate things by trying to add more materials.

It is odd that the Window/Materials menu item isn’t checked when you have shown the Colors window.

To change the opacity of a material you would need to have right-clicked and choose Edit, then the opacity slider will have an effect.

Changing the effective size of the texture only gets unlocked if you used the Load option to load in an image as the texture.

only works on ‘in model’ materials…

Click the Brick >> Click the House, the ones you see can be edited…


Sure, here it is:

if you adjust the slider on any of those it will work if you imediately use it, but won’t adjust the material in the ‘Stone’ collection…

if you Click on the HOUSE icon or select the ‘In Model’ collection can be edited permanently…


Thanks guys. All in all, it’s now displayed a bit different from what I see in all the tutorials, but I got the hang of it. The Materials Window/Tab is now actually the Brick icon (Texture Palettes) inside Colors and I finally managed to edit a stone texture (for instance) that was in the SU library by duplicating it into a new list. But I will also try this method that @john_drivenupthewall mentioned :wink:

The tutorials you are looking at were most likely done on the Windows version and the Materials window is different between the two platforms.

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