Problem resizing materials

Hi, I’m fairly new to Sketch Up. Trying to resize materials and I’m not able to access an edit button.

So when I click on the brick apparently it’s supposed to pop up with an edit materials button that allows to adjust dimensions, but I’m not getting that. It doesn’t even say “edit materials” on top like in the photo. It just says “colors” When I click on the brick it doesn’t do anything but show the opacity button. How do I get into an area where I can edit the dimensions?

also, why are new users only allowed to post one image? That seems counter productive to someone who needs help and is trying to relay the problem to the forum.

It doesn’t last long, soon you will be able to post more. I imagine it’s to slow down Bots, to prevent automated spamming.

I’m confused. Is that an image of what you are seeing or from some tutorial you viewed? If it is the latter, you expose that Edit Material panel either by double-click or right-click on one of the material tiles at the top. Then if the texture is based on an image (vs a plain color) you can edit the Width and Height.

The restriction on what you can attach is caused by the Discourse system that operates the forum. It is like a qualification pause while you show that you are not just a one-time flyby.

The answer to your question is to right-click on the material, and choose Edit. Then you get the secondary area where you can set its size.

Another note: once the edit panel is exposed, you can switch to another material for edit using a single click on one of the tiles at the top.

Thanks, that worked. Didn’t realize you had to right click.

So if I’m importing a sample (in this case a fabric swatch that I want to resize and apply) how do I drop that into the materials folder so that I can edit that as well. Sorry for the rudimentary questions, as I said I’m pretty new to this.

Open the Material Picker, click on the brick in the upper right so you are looking at materials, choose Colors in Model from the list or simply click on the home symbol to the left of the list, goes the same place: the list of materials currently included your file. Grab an image you want off the desktop (leaving SketchUp with the focus) and drop it into the window of the material picker. A dialogue will pop up asking you to name and size the material.

Or choose import from the file menu, navigate to your image file and click options in the bottom left corner, choose use as texture.

thank you!!

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