Materials open Colors window and no option to add materials

Hi there,

I just upgraded to 2017 and when I select ‘Materials’ from the menu, it opens a window named ‘Colors’

In the past I could add wood textures in the material window by selecting ‘in model’ and then ‘save collection as’. This function is gone now. I am missing the ‘detail’ button.

I tried resetting workspace already.

Oddest is that Materials is not opening Materials window but Color window.

Any one?

Did you recently switch from Windows to Mac?

The materials window is different between the two. the things you describe would show up in Windows but not Mac.

Click on the List drop down. You’ll be able to make a new collection from there.

No, I have been on mac only.

I just want to save the textures in the screenshot, so I will be able to used them with the paint bucket tool.

If I make a new collection from the List drop down it only creates an empty texture.

Are you trying to do something like this?

Like DaveR I’m confused when you insist you have always used Mac.

The Mac GUI has always done this. It is one symptom of the way the “materials” window was long ago clumsily tacked onto the Mac color chooser. Although the menu item is Window->Materials, it has never been titled “Materials” on the window itself.

I have long complained that the Mac materials window has needless and arbitrary differences from the Windows one, but, like many other Mac-vs-Windows SU GUI issues, it gets no traction.

Again, I don’t think these have ever been available on the Mac. Are you sure you aren’t confusing the “materials” window with the components window? Did you keep your prior version of SU so you can go back and verify what you say you saw (aside from disk space, there is no problem having multiple versions of SU installed at the same time)? If so, please post a screenshot.