Problems with my materials window

Hy there,

My materials window shows only squares in one color in the topic I use the most. Some are still showing the material but other are not.
I already try to reboot sketch, but not reinstall because I don’t want to loose the new materials I created.
And today Setup crashed as I was downloading a new texture.

Thank you for your help

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  • sketchUp pro 2022” is not an Operating System.

See other topics on this issue:

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I’m having the same issue! Already tried to uninstall and reinstall, even updated but the material pallette is still bugged.


I don’t see any problem in your screenshot. Perhaps you can clearly describe the problem. The little squares at the bottom are not a materials collection. they are the Mac palette where you can drag and drop custom colors to use later.

Please correct you forum profile with the right information about operating system, etc. IF that information is correct it helps us help you. When it’s not, it makes helping you more difficult.

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For others to see what it should look like:

You didn’t ask about this, but if you want to reduce the large swatch area at the bottom, drag the thin divider line that the arrow is pointing at.

I haven’t see the issue before, where the texture is showing as a flat color. I will ask colleagues about that.

I see now that I’m adding a comment to an old message. For @joelazevedont , you are seeing textures ok, the thin divider line I mentioned should solve your problem.

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