Can't access to my default material folder


Since I installed SU pro 2023 pro on my mac, I can’t access to my default material folder in the material window. Nothing is displayed when I click on the little house icon.
I tried to reinstall sketchup. But it did not change anything.
What is going on? And how can I fix it?
Have you encountered this problem?


yes, update SU. There was a bug, it is fixed in the updated. you can also do the manual method here

apparently SU 23 created a separate “couleurs dans le modèle” / “colors in model” library.

edit : oui, c’est fixé dans la mise à jour, ou sur le lien ci-dessus.

Merci / Thanks
I’m downloading this
I noticed that it also bothered the 2020 version which I keep!!!
I hope it will fix it too .

the update alone did not change anything.
But deleting the .crl file fixed the problem.
Thank you!

Right, the update stops the problem from happening, but you do need to remove those clr files if the problem has already happened.