The Materials Window does not show up

I’m using SU17 on a MAC.
When I click on “Window” - “Materials” - i get a Color wheel.
There is no way to reach my library of materials, even tho I have the location set up in my preferences.

Clicking on the brick icon doesn’t get you to the Materials?


Nope, only shows different versions of the color wheel picker

What version of the Mac OS are you running? Your profile indicates iOS which wouldn’t be correct for a computer.

Sorry, High Sierrra 10.13.3

And SketchUp 2017 what? What numbers after the decimal?

type cmd-ctrl-shift-4, draw a box around your color wheel, and paste in this window so we can see what you’re getting.

Incidentally, SU version 17.3.116

Looks like you have the brick icon to me. You should be able to open the dropdown menu and clicking on the blue icon to the right of Colors-Named.

OMG I’m so sorry - I thought I tried that before.
It’s working fine.
Sorry to take your time!

No worries.

Thanks Dave

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I vote we move this forum to nothing but pictures.


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