Materials/color window will not dock

I am learning to use sketchup Pro on a Mac and can’t get the materials panel to show. When I select Window > Materials I get a “Color” window which has a materials selection as shown in the attachment. All video tutorials show a “Materials” panel that can be docked. The “Color” window is floating. Is this expected behaviour for SU 2021? If not How do I get the Materials panel?
Sorry, couldn’t find an attachment option.

I understand that it is a feature of MacOS that the palette windows don’t dock. In Windows the trays do so perhaps you have been watching tutorials made with the Windows version. Especially the Materials interface differs between Mac and PC.

Thanks, but all other palette windows are docked

Anssi is correct. The Colors panel does not dock with the other panels on Mac. That is the normal behavior.

Why do I get the colors panel when I select the materials panel?

That’s what it’s called on the Mac. That’s coming from the operating system. Don’t get too hung up on the name of the panel. You can open it with the Paint Bucket tool or by default by pressing B.

OK and thank you. I now see that sketchup tutorials on a Mac does indeed show up in a “Color” Window.

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