Materials dialog window

Anybody who can help? I have some difficulty with the materials window. I was just watching a YouTube video about textures. There the windows shows like this:

where as in my file, it’s like this:

and moreover, I can not “stick” the window to the other windows, like it works with all the others, like tags, scenes, entity info etc,…
Also, there seem to be missing some features,
Where’s that f****ing button?


The author of the video you were watching is using SketchUp on Windows while you are using it on Mac. The Materials panels are just different. And on the Mac it cannot be docked with the utility windows. B is the default keyboard shortcut to open it, though.

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indeed, you’re right. Strange that the Materials panel cannot be docked with the utility windows, like all the rest.

That’s because they used the color picker window included with the Mac OS.

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