Material transparency in layout

Hi all,
slight panic!!! I want to submit some drawings tomorrow, and everything is finished in both sketchup and layout, except i’ve just realised there is a problem…
items which have a transparent / translucent material applied show correctly in SU, but in the LO page they are solids. This hasn’t happened to me before… any ideas?
In the styles page in SU, second box from left the options below it have the 4th box selected - Material Transparency is checked, quality ‘faster’. (i’m on a Mac but assume the styles page doesn’t change…?!)
I can’t see anything in LO that would override that…?
thanks in advance

Hi Paul,

How is the viewport rendered? As Vector?

Funny how easy it is to make stoopid mistakes when you’re rushing for a deadline!!!

Thankyou Dave.
Hope you’re well.
All ok here now!

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I’m glad it was a simple enough fix.

All is well here. It’s been rather warm with a lot of smoke from wildfires in the wester US and Canada. You could smell the burning pine and fir. Today is much nicer and cooler and the smell isn’t so strong so things are looking up.