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I too am hoping to build timber frame structures using my forest and sawmill. I used 3D CAD programs extensively in the early 90s and could draw on CAD much faster than with a pencil or even arm waving. Excited to use Sketchup but it’s not coming easy. It seems the “words” have changed which makes it hard to “search”. Anyway I’m looking forward to this new skill!



I’m Nice!!! :smile: (pronounced /nēs/ like city of France, Nice)

I’m a college student majoring in management. Uhmmm, I started learning how to use SketchUp in order to remodel some of the things our architect designed for our new house. It’s been really fun using the software but it’s been tricky on some level since I’m mostly learning and discovering new features through experimenting, googling how-tos, watching youtube vids, and asking some tips from my archi friends. :grimacing: I’ve been using Sketchup for about 4 months now, on and off, mostly off since I’m in school. This goes without saying that my level of expertise is about 0. HAHAHA Fave thing about it? I get to design stuff! I’ve always been eager to learn new skills, especially those that develop my creative side. It’s been super fun playing with the different features. I started using SketchUp Pro as a trial then just reverted to SketchUp Make when it expired LOL. I use a MacBook.

No, I don’t have a 3D Warehouse page with my models YET haha 1/2 joke. Follow my insta (?) huhu ~millennial alert~ super kidding!

Anything else you would like to tell us? (e.g., you once saw a UFO & tried to model it in SketchUp to get a prototype 3D printed…)

  • When I first started, I couldn’t sleep because I was too excited in remodeling and incorporating new designs in the model. After around 5-6 days of working non-stop we had a meeting with the senior architect and the engineers. When I showed them my suggestions complete with the remodeled SketchUp model (YAAS) the senior architect was so impressed he thought I was an archi/interior design major. HUHU I’m not saying I have the same level as the real archis out there (YOU THE REAL MVP) also that he probably wasn’t expecting that my suggestions would come with the full visuals of remodeling the actual SketchUp model they came up with, and probably he was just trying to flatter the daughter of his client BUT LIKE HE RECOGNIZED MY HARD WORK HUHU SO LIKE OMG TY HUHU sidenote: they’re gonna incorporate my designs to the house!! YEY!!! It’s an ongoing project so I try to contribute from time to time.

What is (are) your favorite Emoji (s) ? (you can never just have one! haha)

Do you enjoy long walks on the beach…
yuuuup :blush:


Hi, I am @PetraS
I design landscapes and use Sketch Up 2015 and Layout.
I sometimes struggle to have layers mixing/interfering with each other but I have found my ways around things ok-ish.
I like Sketch Up because it is relatively easy to learn and affordable in comparison to other drawing programs, particularly since I don’t use it often enough to justify an expensive software.
My current set up is Windows 10 and Sketch Pro 2015. However, since I upgraded to Windows10 I have issues with Layout.
I am currently far too busy to tell you more about myself :slight_smile:


Hi My name is Mark. I am brand new to SketchUp so will probably be here often in the upcoming weeks. I use the software to draw pipe organs as this is my industry. I only have some basic experience with 2D CAD software but my boss uses Sketchup and wants me to learn it.


Hi Everyone. My name is Mike and I am the proud grandfather of an eighth grader, Ellie Brianna. I’m using SketchUp to design and build a desk for her. I hope if she really likes it, she’ll spend more time at it, right?

I’ve enjoyed making objects out of wood (I really wouldn’t call it furniture) for most of my adult life. I now have the time to build something I would be proud to give to Ellie. It could help me decide on what are the most aesthetically pleasing components, before actually building it and deciding i wish I had done it the “other way”.

I don’t know if I’m getting in over my head. For most of my life they hadn’t yet invented computers (they did have electricity, though). I’m using a text for Woodworkers by Joe Zeh. It did take me an entire day to just get through the first chapter ( and to tell the truth, I really haven’t finished it, yet).

I’m counting on the collective wisdom of the group to help me through what would otherwise be impossible. Well, back to the rest of the first chapter.




Hi Everyone,

My name is Oguz and I am Elementary level 2D-3D Software user. At High school I had some Autocad experience. My first project design a wardrobe for my Room, second is design a computer desk , layout my room.
I guess with Augmented Reality, 3D design world will be much exciting . Also with community help I hope to understand main program and extensions much more. For me a bit harder than learning Photoshop or Autocad, which has lots of resources.



You can do the same thing with Sketchup and Twilight render, for example, anyway nice picture


Ron B. New to Sketchup Pro (Just Purchased) but have been using free version for about 50 days (trial). I am in the healthcare business - provide storage layouts for hospitals. A lot of wire storage shelving in many different sizes, styles and configurations. I want to do walk through layouts of storage areas/rooms/departments.
I have done some reasonable modeling of products but I have a long way to go.


my name is fauntail jabuti. I am a person who enjoys creating things and working with people to make it happen. happy making everyone.


Hi I have had sketchup pro for nearly a year. I have not really got into it fully and would like to learn to use it for architectural projects. Domestic buildings sat in the landscape or urban context.

I want to learn good organisational habits, rather than build a model and have to re-do it because of poor discipline.

i would like to recognise and hone in on a productive work method rather than learn many ‘ad hoc’ poke-arounds.
Looking forward to receiving goood advice for architectural modelling!

Thank you


My name is Peter


Hello, Peter


My name is John. I’m a retired engineer and use Sketchup for my hobby, building furniture.


Hi all,

New to the forum and new to sketchup. Currently just trying to learn the basics. I’ve been watching some tutorials. I plan to use sketchup for my woodworking hobby.



Hello i am Jan and complete newby with sketchup.
I work with sketchup make 2017, my first project is drawing a tugboat and i love to work with sketchup because it is so easy to handle.
I am 60 years old and live in Holland.
I hope to learn a lot within this community.

Grtz Jan


I’m old and cranky and don’t feel like introducing myself. I’d tell you to get off my lawn except I suppose I’m on yours. I’m in a foul mood because the intro tutorials aren’t working and this cheery chatter just irritates me more.


Thank you. I am newby here.
I am 60 y.o. Japanese man.
I am a medical practitioner.
I would like to make terrain model with Sketchup.


Who are you, who, who? Hi, I’m Runan. Digital Art is my hobby - sculpting, drawing, music and web design - all in 0 or 1
What is your industry and profession? In RL - Head of Nursing in a hospital
Where do you use SketchUp? Personally - Creating Art - most for Star Citizen
Why do you use SketchUp and what is your favorite thing about it? SketchUp is a good partner to ZBrush - and a little bit easier to learn :smiley:
How proficient are you in SketchUp? Absolute beginner
Have you gone to a SketchUp 3DBasecamp?No
What is your current set up? Win 10 - 64 Bit, SketchUp Pro 2017
Do you have a 3D Warehouse page with your models, Extensions, or a website you would like to link to or show off to us? No, not at the moment
Anything else you would like to tell us? I love the workflow with SketchUp, Zbrush, Photoshop and Painter :slight_smile:
What is your favorite Emoji? :smile:
Do you enjoy long walks on the beach…? Sometimes - Most time working or in leisure time at my computers :slight_smile:

Moin from Germany


Who are you, who, who? (show us those pearly whites :smiley: — to start, just one photo if you please )
I am Steve Fox, Woodworker

I have left IT (Networking) after 30 years to begin new career as a woodworker.

Using SketchUp to create project plans for creations in my Woodworking Technology program at Laney College in Oakland CA. Will likely use it “forever”.

Sketchup is the training platform at the College. My favorite thing is the plethora of information/training videos/forums available online.

Definitely a beginner in Sketchup, but have used MANY different drawing programs in my IT career (Visio, Illustrator, etc.)

Have you gone to a SketchUp 3DBasecamp? No. Whats that?

I run a PC under Windows 10, and have purchased SketchUp 2017 Professional.

Do you have a 3D Warehouse page with your models, Extensions? Not right now.

I’m also deep into Craft beers, wines (live in N. California), Single-malt Scotch, and strategy gaming.

What is your favorite Emoji? My wife’s face.

Do you enjoy long walks on the beach…? Mountains or cliffs above the beach are better.


What can l say l am a complete amateur, at this, but am a whiz with Photoshop, so hopefully l can figure this out enough to create some 3D models with this.

And do flyers as a business, and have WIndows 7 Pro, Laptop with 16 gigs of ram, and umm, l like beaches.