VRay Render Freezing - Can I make file smaller without deleting content?

Hi there, I’m newish to Sketchup and am currently using the Pro version for some graphic design projects. While I’ve been using Sketchup and Vray inside of the platform for a few months, I haven’t had to render these projects until now. The project I am currently trying to render is a large file with lots of faces, but I do need as much detail that I have already input as possible. When I open VRay to render, it freezes before I can even start. I have made sure all systems are updated, as well as purging unused assets. I assume the issue lies in the fact that I have too many faces and assets, but I am wondering if there is a way to circumvent this problem without losing my content. Is there a way to condense the content without losing it?
I am using a Mac with the M2 Pro chip and 32 GB. I assumed that because this computer’s processor was heftier, this would not be a problem to render. Can anyone help?
Here is the file: Co-Lab V2.skp - Google Drive

You can work with large amounts of geometry through proxies.

Proxies are like optimized components that only fully load during the rendering of that specific area without overloading Sketchup.
The modeling process changes once you use proxies, though.

Here is more info:

Edited to complement:
Did a quick check on your model, definitely could benefit from proxies for the chairs and all the vegetation, specially the ones in the spiral staircases. Plus the high-poly vases.
If you no longer need to make changes to that geometry, creating the proxies shouldn’t take too long.
Your main geometry (the building etc) can remain as is so you still are able to work on it.

If you turn off the shadows in model, you’ll also see an improvement. (they don’t need to be on, to show up in V-ray).

Hope it helps.

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I´m checking your file, its very heavy for a sketchup model by the way, you have a lot of geometry, thats why its freezing when you open vray, I´ll replace some assets with proxys, correct some objects and will upload the file here.

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Sweet, thanks for the link. I will look into that! Thanks a mill!!!

That sounds great. I’d love to see how you have set the proxys and corrected objects so I can learn how that’s done. Thanks so much!!!

Here are the files, some elements I replaced from the chaos cosmos library and I converted to proxys the ones I couldn’t find, all the proxy files are attached. If you can’t see them well on the render you must link them again, the names are the same as the components, for example the plants I named them from 1 to 6, if any of them look bad just check the name of the plant and re link it with the proxy file that has the same name.
The file was 303mb its 60mb now so you’ll be able to open it a lot faster.

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Thank you so much!! I got caught up in finals so I wasn’t able to respond, but this helped me so much!! I appreciate it a lot!