Computer freezes while rendering

Hi everyone. I am new here. The reason behind my appearance here is that My Computer freezes while I put a render.
The computer I use:

SketchUp - VRAY (2020)

The computer doesn’t respond after 2 hours and no key on keyboard nor mouse works.

How big is the file?
How many edges does it have?
What settings do you have for rendering?
What types of materials?
How many lights do you have?

The file size is 270 MB almost
I don’t know how to see edge count
Render settings: 13000 X 6500 Pixel (VR Spherical Panaroma Camera)
Denoiser strong
Texture size: use full size texture
Noise level: 0.001 (minimum)
Materials: VRAY Materials
Lights: 7-8

Window > Model Info > Statistics > Show nested components


I would expect the render to take hours - if not days at that 13000 X 6500 resolution - on that spec of machine.
Does the task manager still show V-Ray using the CPU when it has “frozen”?

The spec is almost identical to mine. But the model file is enormous.

How are you going to use that enormous panorama image file? It’s too big to fit on any computer screen.

File Details

No the computer freezes and no keys works
Usually this kind of renders take 9 hours

The reason behind this size: This is client’s requirement

What would you suggest which machine should I buy for bigger renders?

Try rendering with other settings (first, keep the resolution):
Try to see if the possible error is from any component, material or anything else.

Sure. Let me try this.

Render Completed
No error or freezing occured

Then disable Material Override and try again. Test with changing these different settings and see when the error occurs.

Okay. I’ll try & Will confirm

The system went on freeze when I turned on the denoiser & rendered.
98% render completed & then it went freeze

Write in the V-ray support forum and ask them if they know of any problems with the denoiser.
You can show them this discussion so that they don’t have to ask you about the same details and to know what you’ve tried so far.

How to show them this discussion?

In the browser is the address of this discussion, copy it and add it in the message you write to them.