Why is my file size so big?

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I’m new to sketchup! Created my first model, however, it’s super slow to drag and play with it. I keep getting not responding frequently. First Question: How can I make a component only appear high textured in vray but not really as detailed as it is in Sketchup Model. Second Question: How do I check what uses how many megabytes. This is driving me crazy, can someone please help. My current model is 160 MB and it almost has nothing inside, I have 2 people and a car with a house that I modelled.

For your first question, make proxies out of your components, there’s a dedicated button on vray toolbar. Check out for tutorials
For the second question, everytime you load a component in your model, from 3d warehouse or any other source, even after deleting it will remain in your file unless you purge it.
Go to Window > model info> statistics > purge unused.
It will also purge unused materials
As for the frequently not responding, it probably is every 5 minutes, which is the default autosave settings. The bigger your file is, the longer you will feel SketchUp isn’t responding every 5 minutes. You can set a longer interval if you dont manage to ligthen your file enough

Thanks a lot Paul! Please bear with me here. So creating proxy is like creating a dummy inside the model as a place holder right? Thanks, I purged unused and got 360 mb to 160mb. The not responding almost occurs in each click I do. I have an RTX 3070, GPU utilization keeps 0 percent when I don’t really move the model or do anything is that normal?


Many things in your model look like they would be slowing it down. The trees and pot plants will be very heavy, the basket chair, the cushions on the chairs, the people, are they 3d?, the car, how complex is that, just looking at the wheels makes me cringe, even the grid in the wall, then there is stuff inside that you can’t quite see, and lets hope the grass is only in the render, if you modeled all that with Make Fur or similar then no computer will cope.

You need to budget how much geometry you use, you can use tags to turn off heavy stuff until you need it for the render.

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Haha, yeah grasses are only render. Others are still in the model, I guess you are right. So tags could help?

To help determine which groups or components may have the biggest impact in your model, have a look at the CG Impact Report extension. It is not perfect but it is a decent diagnostic tool.

I hope this helps

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