Sketchup Out of memory and file size problem

Hi All, im new here first of all im glad to be here

My problem is while i want to try rendering my scene im getting an error called ‘‘your pc out of memory’’. I have been searched internet about this issue then i understand my model too high (about 400mb). So i decided to convert my high poly objects to proxy but on the contrary my model becamin more high(700mb) :frowning: . I think i had and mistake about exporting my current objects to proxy object.

Thanks for your helps already now

What software are you using to try to render?

with what?

did you ‘purge’ the model after the change?


sorry forgot tell it

im using Vray

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Have oyu reached out to Chaos Group? They are more likely to have a solution/work around for their software.

I havent reach yet

While there are a few V-Ray users on our forum, the experts are over on their forum.

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