Error allocating memory

Hello, i have a problem about rendering. i have model and want to render it. i use twilight render. when model is very large and out of memory, it dont works and says that render is failed and i know that i have to change something because as i said it is out of memory, but now i have very different situation. render starts work very well, everything is going fine, but after some hour ago, Sketchup is closing and give me an error window, it says ‘‘ERROR ALOCATING MEMORY’’ and "UNABLE TO OPEN SCRIPT’’ so i have not idea what is happening or how to solve it. Can anyone help me?

What are the specs for your computer, amount of ram, processor and speed etc…

i5-3340 CPU 3.1 GHz
GTX 650 1GB
model is large, but i have also worked on a more larger models and it worked very well. now i dont understand what is reason. as i said when model is out of memory it says in when i try to start render. but now it starts rendering very well and after 3-4 hour aplication is closing.

How large is the model? Maybe post it so we can have a look. Have you tried purging it?

RLGL thanks, file size is 1.3 GB. yes i tried purging but nothing changed. i think maybe it is my machines fault, but in wich part i have not idea :pensive:
i will not be these days in my home, so i can not upload it

That size model will bring most computers to a crawl. I your case is there items from the warehouse that may be bloated like trees and shrubs. When getting things from the warehouse load them into a blank model and clean them up. Your only hope is to get the model into a PC that has a newer video card with more memory and remove the high poly items. I suspect your PC is several years old and is unable to handle the load any more.

Assuming that G isn’t a typo, that is a truly immense file for SketchUp. If you look at Model Info->Statistics, what do you see? How many edges and faces, how many components and groups, how many materials?

I suspect that you have a very large number of materials and/or have materials whose texture images are immense. Large texture images, including terrain, are the fastest way to bloat the physical size of a file.