Sketchup file is to big. VRAY keeps crashing it

Hi there people,

So i have this enormous sketchup file. I’m not even finished yet putting all the models in it for the final result but it keeps crashing if I try to render it. I haven’t even putt tree’s in it yet

I know that some/all of my models are quite a mess (beginners mistake). What fix is possible to make it smaller better for rendering?

Thanks in advance for your time/help

Oke it seems to render with CPU ( i7 7700HQ)
GPU gives a Crash ( gtx 1080)

Have you let the folks over at Chaos Group know about the issue? I bet they would appreciate knowing about the problem you are running into.

I’d get in the habit of purging your files.
You also need to look at your face orientation. Large parts of your model have reversed faces which can cause major issues when rendering.

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Can you explane me how I purge the unneeded materials?

Thanks in advance

It renders fine for me with Twilight on an old I3.

In the materials browser, you can purge the in model selection, or purge everything from Window/Model info/Statistics
Or use a purge plugin.

Hm weird. now it renders the model without any problems… Maybe it was just a bug.

Back to purging, the option “purge unused” in sketchup is grayed out. Why would that be?

Thanks for your time

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