SketchUp model keeps crashing...HELP!

I have been trying to render a fairly large sized SketchUp model (170MB) with Enscape, but it keeps crashing. I haven’t encountered such a persistent issue before. I have purged the model, have updated my Studio driver to the latest one and even copied the model into a new model space, but nothing seems to be helping. I don’t know what else is causing the issue? If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m on a deadline to complete renders for a client and can’t proceed any further. Model is too large to attach here as well. Thank you in advance for your assistance here.

That’s huge for a sketchup model, how many assets did you download from the 3D warehouse? Did you use custom textures?

What version of sketchup are you using, your profile says 2019 but subscription, have you updated to a more recent version? The operating system says 64, I guess it’s windows 64 bits, but it could be any version from XP to 11. And as graphics card it says Nvidia, there are tons of Nvidia’s graphics card, do you know which one do you have, or know how to check on your PC?

If you share the file via google drive, wetransfer, Dropbox or your preferred platform it’s gonna be easier for anyone to give you a solution, without looking at the file any thing we tell you would be just guessing.

Try again to purge the model.


And maybe even replace some of the imported high-poly components with lighter ones.


Rendered in V-Ray 6

@mihai.s thank you for your suggestions. I purged many times and realise that there were a lot of high poly models in here. Problem is when you receive models that are huge to work on. Would proxy models reduce the size? It’s all sorted now, so it’s a relief. Thanks again for taking the time to look a the model. Gtreatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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Very much so.

In addition to purging the unused stuff from your file you should fix incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 5_24_2023 , 7_13_33 AM
Also reduced the excessively huge textures in your model. That tile texture doesn’t need to be 12,000+ pixels wide. It doesn’t add anything useful to the model. It just creates bloat and makes your computer work harder.

After cleaning up your already purged model the file size is reduced by another 20%. As was mentioned, simplifying the entourage components before you add them to your project would help even more.