Is Sketchup generally buggy and crashy?


I have been using SU for a couple of years and more recently begun more ambitious drawings. I regard myself as a reasonably competent user, but still with much to learn. I am considering upgrading to Pro this year, but I am put off by what appears to be the quite buggy nature when I use it (Make V17.2.255 64-bit, is this 2017 version?)

My models are around the 100Mb size, with 600k edges and 150k faces, around 80 components. For rendering I wish to add a bunch of detailed components (kettle, books, stack of plates - kitchen stuff) but even 1 file over 2-3Mb causes the whole model to become unmanageable. I even cannot import a 44Mb component with no model in SU (clean bootup followed by Import Collada file) - gets to 10% and hangs. This surely can’t be right? 3D warehouse is packed with larger components.

I use components and groups all the time to limit onscreen information and mostly things work fine until I start adding all this fine detail. I am very wary of spending $$ on an upgrade when the capacity seems so low. Please help point out anything I am missing?

I don’t have a graphics card at the moment but running i5 7500MHz with 32Gb fast RAM, SSD program drive plus large HD with plenty of spare room (>2Tb). Hoping to get NVIDEA soon, but assuming this would mostly help with rendering (VRay), rather than the running of SU. Example: Even opening my 100Mb file results in SU “Not Responding” for a minute while it sorts itself out, surely not something a GPU would change?

What should I do?


  • are your models located on your hard drive or on a network or cloud service ?
  • do you sometimes purge your models ?
  • do you use vray proxies function ?

Hi Paul

Model on hard drive - quite fast conventional drive de-fragged and plenty of space free
Purge often
Don’t know about proxies - so ‘no’ :slightly_smiling_face:


3d warehouse recent limitations are painful. having to import as collada files must really trouble your workflow. Upgrading to 2022 would be clearly fix that.
In the meantime, have you considered using sketchup for web in order to import all those 3D warehouse components you are willing to get ? You’ll then be able to download your model in 2017 version.
not having a dedicated graphic card is not helping, also make sure profiles are unchecked in view > edge styles.
look out for vray proxies tutorials as it would drastically reduce your model sizes by externalizing complex components and replace them with dummies.

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You have clearly not checked the “Show nested components” box in the Statistics window. Your file size indicates an edge count of many millions.

My whole projects are not that big.

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Thanks Anssi, but no I have counted these using “Show nested components”.

I’m assuming the associated images/textures on these components are what is bulking up the file’s size. My model before the addition of jpegs/bmps is well under 1Mb.

Agreed the 2022 upgrade is one plus wrt workflow here, but I’m worried that although I’ll be able to import comps directly, they won’t work once they’re in!

Collada isn’t too bad really, as I’m building up a portfolio of commonly used elements (I do a lot of kitchens). I did wonder if there was an inherent disadvantage with .cda files, rather than the other alternatives I currently can’t use in Make.

Proxies sounds ideal I will look into that thanks :slight_smile:

Graphics card totally needed for renders anyway so it’s high up on the shopping list!

Thank you for your suggestions. M

Seems like you should be using the Pro (or web-based Shop) version, rather than the for-non-commercial-use Make version.

For what it’s worth, I use SketchUp 2018 Pro, pretty much every day (30 minutes to a few hours). It almost never crashes - once every couple of months maybe? Frequent crashes are probably a sign that some extension(s) are misbehaving. I don’t use many extensions on a routine basis (other than the fantastic SolidInspector2, which I use every few minutes!).


I agree with @TDahl. I rarely see crashes with SketchUp and I use it many hours every day.

He’s also correct that you should not be using SketchUp 2017 Make for your commercial use. You also shouldn’t be using it as a comparison with the current version as there have been many changes. What you are doing is a bit like saying, “I’m driving a 1989 Ford Escort to see if it’s good because I’m thinking of getting a Mustang GT.”

If you import a lot of complex models, using extensions like Skimp or Transmutr may be an option too.

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Thanks @TDahl and @DaveR, my business never used to involve so much design, I regard myself as an emerging commercial user. I currently have a VRay subscription and would upgrade now except for the fact that I can get a deal for SU & VRay together. In the meantime it’s appraisal. I like it a lot and it is sure to prove versatile, as long as it’s stable - it’s encouraging to hear your positive experiences.

And @DaveR, I’m not sure that’s what I’m saying - the question is really is there a big difference between the Escort and the Mustang? It seems to me like I’m driving a used Mustang and like it, but it keeps stalling at traffic lights; would buying a new one be any different?

Never really use the 4 extensions I have so might get rid to see if that helps.

Your basing your buying decision on a 5 year old model that hasn’t had any maintenance or the updates and improvements of the current version. There are performance differences between them. So no, you aren’t testing the Mustang demo model.

I’d love to think there’s an Escort:Mustang ratio of difference between the two :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help

Well, you should just go ahead and use SU2022 and push 2017 out behind the barn. :slight_smile: