Model lagging with SketchUp pro in SketchUp Studio, Student (2023)

Hey! I started my model on SketchUp for Web, for a university project. As I was adding some furnitures I have downloaded from 3D Warehouse, my model kept crashing and having problems. A warning message told me to install SketchUp pro, as my model is 5 MB.
I bought SketchUp Studio for Student, so I could have SketchUp pro. Even with this version, I can’t do anything on my model. It’s lagging.
Distribution Center.skp (5.6 MB)

Is there a solution or something I could do (I’ve attached my file) ?

Ps : I have to finish my model next week

You problem is +35 million polygons. Are you loading things in from the 3D warehouse? How can you simplify your model? Do you have an instructor teaching you how to use SketchUp efficiently? Have you taken our free courses over at: - that’s the best place to start to avoid overloading (also referred to as ‘bloating’) your model.

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i think it depends on the resources of your pc, as i have worked on big models in sketchup web and it hasn’t affected my performance. it’s not more important to try to draw as clean as possible and delete components and textures that you are not going to use :smiley:

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The goal is to ask oneself what is the level of detail (LOD) needed? If this is for a Distribution Center class assignment, then do you need to see the screws holding the racks up? This extra geometry adds up yet does not contribute to advancing the concept. I’d recommend getting rid or or re-drawing these kinds of things. It’s good practice to check the poly counts of components in 3D Warehouse and if you can find a rack that has say 2,000 polys, that’s better than the +1 million one.


Yes I’m loading things from the 3D warehouse. I have never loaded in sketchup. I’ve done some courses before but for the beginners when I was in school. I know how to draw and use tools, except for the 3D warehouse. The assignment is for a university project.
Thank you for the advices !

I will see if I can take any courses. I have to get my model done by next week, I don’t know if I have enough time.

Thanks !

Here try this one.
Distribution CenterBox.skp (5.7 MB)

It is still a mess and I would say many of the issues come from imported obj’s, multiple nesting and over complicated components. As @eric-s mentioned.
But also you model is tiny, I scaled it up to a more realworld size, I used the door frame at 920mm. It is also not near the origin, I moved it there after removing the three strange stray edges.
I also turned off ‘Profiles’ this is a resource suck.
I also deleted the number that was included with each and every bolt in the many many brackets (as shown by eric) 3d text hugely complex.
You also have tag issues but I didn’t address them.
This might be enough for you to continue and complete your assignment, but you desperately need to learn how best to use the software.


Hey! Thank you very much, it does work now. I will try to take some courses in order to improve my skills.