My sketchup keeps lagging and crashing

Ive been using sketchup for the past few days but upon finishing my structure, every time i open the file it keeps crashing and exiting to the point that I couldn’t move the whole structure that I made. this project i have been making is for a school project and sketchup’s lags are the major factor my progress is so slow.

I’m only using an iPad, it works quite well but i feel like upon utilizing many elements from the warehouse, it will come to a point that it will crash. I also tried opening the file in my laptop but the same problem occurs. It keeps crashing and it hinders me to do my work. can someone check the file or may i seek for any advice? thank you! will surely appreciate it!

Do not download models from the 3DW directly into your model. Open them in a fresh model to see if they are low poly enough. Huge components (many polys and large textures) can cause your model to become too bloated to work on.

Purge your model of unused textures and components often to keep it’s file size down.

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thank you! however im kind of new to sketch up and i don’t know those tools, i also am not sure if i am able to do it because every time i try to open the file it just keeps lagging and crashing instantly

Post your model so one of the gurus can take a look at it.

Thank you! I really appreciate your acknowledgement, here’s the link for my file arcdes - Google Drive

Rather, the fact that you downloaded components from the 3D warehouse and reached 23 million edges.

Look for low-poly components or even better, model yourself some as lightweight as possible.


About 19 million of those edges are just plants.


thank you so much for checking! is there any solution i can do for that current file to keep it running while keeping the elements or i don’t have a choice but to delete and lessen the components?

You’re welcome!

I already told you, replace the high-poly components you have now with low-poly ones.

Just as an idea

The same for plants and all other imported or created objects. You don’t need circles with 24 segments, 6 can be enough.