SketchUp Make 2016 Crashing

I am having trouble rendering my SketchUp Model. I have purged and cleaned up my model and have gotten the file size down and am trying to import my model into the Lumion rendering software. I have used this several times with much larger file sizes and have never had issues. My next resort was to try rendering using the SketchUp rendering extension SU Podium. My model still crashed which leads me to think there is something corrupt in my model. Could anyone provide tips as to why this might be happening or take a look at my model?

No model to look at! Please upload to a file sharing site, or the 3D warehouse, and provide a link so someone CAN look at it.

give ThomThoms CleanUp³ plug a try.

Would maybe also disable all extensions not used/required by “Window > Extension Manager” for narrowing down the problem if issued by an extension.

The file size will not attach because it is larger than 50 MB. I use
CleanUp as well so I tried that a couple times and still nothing.

You could upload the model to the 3D warehouse and provide the link.

And you have not explained what you were specifically doing when SketchUp crashed.

Did you get a BugSplat! notice and did you send the reports ?

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