Why won't it work?

I’ve been using SketchUp for about a month now (Found out about it in a class, and downloaded it on my own laptop a few weeks ago) Its been running good and haven’t had any problems… Until now…
As of a week ago, every now and then it would stop… freeze… and either force close or say it wasn’t responding. When it first happened it did it once an hour, today I got on to a model I’ve been working on for a few days and it force closed 5 times in 3 minutes!!! I have no clue what’s going on and I want to work on the model but cant because it wont stay open! At first I didn’t mind but now its aggravating me, and I’ve sent quiet a few error notices. Anyone know what’s going on!!! I noticed its been doing it in class too (on a different machine) Any help would be great!


As of right now I tried to get back on and it did the same thing except it worked for 5 minutes…

save a copy…

then try to post the skp, if it’s to big zip it first and try again…


Thanks John,
I will try that. Not quiet sure what I’m doing but I’ll give it a try…

By that do you mean add to a zipped folder on my desktop? Also I forgot to add that its happening after I use 3D warehouse, But not right after…

add the zipped skp here so people can check it…

add a link to the Warehouse model, it may be the issue…


Ok, I don’t know much about SketchUp forums, how would I be able to do that?

have a look here CLICK ME

It says it is too large…

(1) Make a copy of the SKP file. (We want to keep the one that is causing the crash.) Try to save this big bad file via DropBox or SkyDrive, etc. (some kind of cloud shared drive.)

(2) In SketchUp, in a copy:
Window > ModelInfo > Statistics
Purge Unused” button

… also try the “Fix Problems” button at the bottom of the same panel.

Does that help ?

(3) It sounds like you might have an issue with the Autosave feature.

Check settings in Window > Preferences > General

Adjust until things get better.

(4) Sometimes selecting what you wish to keep, and copying it into a new blank model can correct crashing issues unique to a model.

Hi Q7Q5-

If you tell me what name or email address you put on the bugsplat crash reports, I may be able to help by identifying exactly what part of SketchUp is crashing on your machine.


Ok, I will try that!

I see your crash reports now (#417084, 417088, 417268).

All three of these crashes are in the internet connection handling code. On Windows, SketchUp uses the installed version of Internet Explorer to display web pages like the 3d Warehouse. Try updating your version of Internet Explorer?