SketchUp Crashed and won't open

I’m 11.5 hours into a modeling marathon for work and SketchUp just crashed abruptly and now I can’t get it to open back up. Every time I try, I just get a bugsplat message. I’m working against a deadline. Please help

Are you sending the bug splats so that someone might be able to look and identify the reason for them?

I sent like 5 in a row

I was able to get an old unrelated file to open, but I can’t get the file I’m working on to open up. I uploaded it to Google Drive. Can anyone get this thing to open?

That’s the back up file. I’ll download it and see if I can get it to open.

I just re-uploaded it. Sorry about that.

I got it to open. I’ve turned off the Hidden Geometry and set the face style to Monochrome. I’ll see if I can upload it somewhere for you.

You should fix the magenta reversed faces.


You got the one I re-uploaded to open?! If yes, I would be so grateful omg.

Yes. It looks like it. It’s taking its time uploading but I’ll share the link when I get it.

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Praise jesus hallelujah!!!

Let’s see if this works.

I think this is an older version. The main difference between the new and old version is that I spent 3 hours fixing the parking deck ramps and the ground level store fronts. Does this mean that I’m SOL? My boss is about to throw my computer out of the window - the RFP is due at midnight. Either way, I appreciate the help.

I don’t know. Maybe you can fix the parking deck ramps on this one in less time.

If he does, tell him to get you a PC. Mine didn’t have any trouble with your file. :smiley:

The original file crashes for me in Mac or Windows 10. I sent in a bugsplat for the Windows crash. Mac crashes without a bugsplat.

Thanks for checking. Any idea what might have gone wrong?