Failed To Open

Hi, my model is not opening. Even the backups files. I recivied the message “failed to open”. I’m in a deadline to finish this job. There’s someone how can recover my file?
If someone can recover any of these models in the drive, it will be very helpful. They are the official file and the backups files.


From looking at the size of your files I would suggest this is an issue with your computer. Not a bug in SketchUp. I downloaded and opened one of the files with no problem.

I fixed incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 6_6_2022 , 1_41_08 PM

And purged unused stuff from the file…
Screenshot - 6_6_2022 , 1_43_18 PM

…which helps some but you have a lot of excessively detailed components which doesn’t help if your computer isn’t able to deal with the geometry.

You could improve things by simplifying the geometry in the components.

I can’t find a license or subscription for your email address. If you do have a subscription you could try using SketchUp 2022, it may do better at opening your files. It did take a long time to open the file, what Dave said should help.

Thank you, I’ll try with SketchUp 2022 soon.