Sketchup with V-ray renering material issue

Hy, I have Sketchup model, and now I am trying to render it with V-ray, the program always crashes so I shared my model and the exported vrscene file with one of my friend, his computer can make the rendering very fast but removes all of the material that I added from v-ray. Does anybody have any idea what can cause this? Thank you

Do you know the specifications of your computer?
Do you know how to use SketchUp and V-Ray?
Do you know the size of your file and how many edges and faces it has?

What version of SketchUp are youu using? There is no Free Plan 2024 as you put in your forum profile. What operating system? 2024 is not an operating system.

Yes, I know how can use them.
it has 780 faces and 189 MB.


A 189 MB model with only 780 faces would mean your materials are probably 188 MB or so. 780 faces would only mean a few KB.

When you checked how many edges it has, did you check to show all the geometry in the model?


Sorry, it is way more

15 million edges!!

Do you know the specifications of your computer? Are you sure it can work with that file you have?
It is also possible that one of the materials is damaged and creates problems for you, but…

This is my computer brand Huawei matebook-d-15-2022, but the issue if I share the file on the other computer is not showing up the materials that I made with V-ray during the rendering, but on my computer is all fine but the rendering is super slow and almost impossible

8M faces is a lot of data to process if they all have textures. In fact, that is a lot of data in general! 14.4M edges is a lot too. Do you really need all that detail in your model> If not, consider cleaning it up a bit before you render anything again. If you don’t, your render will take ages to process especially if you don’t have a GPU as your profile indicates.

my friend`s computer can render it in 20 min but the v-ray made materials are always disappearing, so if somebody could help me in this that would me very nice

Learn about Pack Project in V-Ray.
And before that, you could make sure that you cleaned (Purge) the project of components, materials, etc. unused.


thank you

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