Sketchup Crashes rendering

I’m using SketchUp Pro 2019 with V-Ray

Computer keeps crashing when doing renderings. File is 124 Mb

I purge materials often

Computer - Windows 64 Bit
Processor - Intel i7-4790 @ 3.60 Ghz
Ram - 12 GB
Video Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 ti - 4 Gb Ram

It could be many, many things causing this.

What kind of scene are you rendering and does it contain any items from the 3D Warehouse?
What are your texture sizes?
Are you attempting a GPU render or CPU? or Hybrid? If the former or the latter, try just a CPU render.

Ultimately, if this is happening on all scenes, I think a formal uninstall and re-install of Vray is on the cards.

Which version of SketchUp (do you have the latest maintenance version of SketchUp 2019?
Which version of V-Ray? Have you the latest maintenance version of V-Ray Next?