Sketchup vray crashing while rendering

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Hi, My vray keeps crashing saying all this errors. Can anyone please explain why does this issue happens? My sketchup file is approx.200mb. I’ve attached screenshot of my device’s specifications also just in case it’s needed. I tried with low quality render also I deleted unused materials light everything but still it keeps crashing.

What version of SketchUp are you using? There is no Free Plan of SketchUp 2023 as your forum profile indicates. What version of Vray are you using?

Have you contacted Vray tech support?

Can you show your Vray render settings? Note that using CUDA or RTX render requires a Nvidia graphics card.

I do have nvidia rtx

That’s why it is important to put correct information to your profile.
Make sure that your Nvidia driver is up to date, check from the Nvidia website.

It must be because my nvidia processor is not updated? And not because of any other issue? It was working just fine in the morning & suddenly after few minutes this issue is happening

That is just one possibility, rather easy to check by updating the driver and seeing if the crashing persists.
Also check that your Vray is up to date. The newest version is from late January.

I had a very similar set of errors on my machine recently - I ended up reinstalling v-ray which solved it for me