Help! V-Ray trial crashing

Hi there,

I have Sketchup Pro 2019 and have installed V ray trial. Every time I try to render or use any V ray feature, Sketchup crashes immediately.
I have been talking to Chaos support, however not getting anywhere really.
They told me to uninstall, then reinstall. I have done this and it’s still happening.

Does anyone know what might be happening? Anything I should try?

Do I need a graphic card or is it a memory issue maybe? Im kind of new at using extensions so would really love some help!

hello. You already have a graphic card (amd radeon r9 m390). However, you might check if there are any drivers updates for it.
Do you see any when you go to software update ?

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Oh wow, obviously I’m great at this hahaha. Ok, so I have everything I need? It should run ok?
I’ll check for an update now. Thank you this is quite frustrating, I just want to get rendering!!

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I moved your post to the V-Ray category.

Graphics drivers for Mac computers are made and distributed exclusively by Apple via MacOS updates.

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Sorted. Thanks @Anssi

oh thank you :blush:

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Regardless, on Mac, Vray only runs on the CPU.

And does a hell of a job, btw

What version of SketchUp exactly?
([menu] SketchUp > About SketchUp )
Are there any other extensions running? (Which)
You might want to re-install SketchUp as well.
Which version of V-Ray have you downloaded?
(Filename in downloads folder)

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