Sketchup 2017 and V-ray



Good Morning

This is a general question really.

I’ve recently downloaded the latest version of V-ray for Sketchup and seem to be having odd sudden unexpected crashes. Basically, Sketchup will just suddenly close. No bugsplat report either.

Sketchup as been really stable before installing V-ray.

I’m not working on a big model either. To try out various features of V-ray, I simply created the most basic four walled building, (2.5m square by 3.0m high), and added one basic window.

I’m using Sketchup on a 2014 iMac, with 16GB of RAM, and a 2GB NVidia GPU.

Just wondering if anyone else has any issues with it.

Many thanks



There have been other reports of Vray causing SketchUp to crash. You can do a search and find those threads. It’s probably a good idea to get on the Vray forum and search there, too.


Thank you @DaveR

Yeah, on to them already.

Disappointed as I quite like it. It’s that or a Thea.

Kind regards



So, I uninstalled V-Ray, and installed Thea.

Same problem. Start messing with a few settings and Crash! Sketchup just bails out and closes. No warnings, nothing.

Sent a Bugsplat report in.

At this stage, I don’t think I’m going to fork out for a Renderer if I get problems trying to render a simple wall, no ground, no sky, no details.



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