V- RAY for Sketch Up 4.20.02 crashing

I’ve only been using Vray for a couple of weeks, currently working though the V-Ray for Sketch Up online course and its intermittently crashing. Adding light source - crash, changing light source intensity crash, adding material crash, sometime in interactive render sometimes not.

I’ve troubled shot with Chaos Group over team viewer and they weren’t able to give an exact reason, other than it was a bad install. Re installed and having the same issue.

Currently in a trial period, but its annoyingly currently unusable and very frustrating

I’m using a brand new MacBook Pro 16inch, with 2.3GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9 and 32 GB ram.

Anyone else experiencing problems ?


I’ve never had a problem with Vray, it’s always been totally solid. I’m on the latest version but on SU 2019. (Still on high Sierra) So its not Apples to apples (pun intended) When I did install vray, I installed a fresh version of SU with no other extensions, then added my extensions back in. You have probably done this anyway since you are on a new machine.