Whenever I try to render a SketchUp model it crashes

I am a SketchUp pro user that constantly faces issues with the extension Vray. When I render smaller; thus more simple models Vray works relatively fine, although I can’t interactively render during the modelling process as, regardless of the size of the model that is being rendered, SketchUp will crash and provide me with a bugsplat report in response. My computer has 16GB ram which is the desired amount of storage one needs for the extension to operate smoothly, however, whenever I attempt to render relatively more complex models the software crashes. I don’t know if it’s a matter of model complexity as the actual file size isn’t too big. In light of past terrible experiences, I make sure to constantly purge unused components and even have the software cleanup installed so my model was constantly placed through that extension during the building construction process. I’ve seen online some people suggest clay modelling (which I haven’t tried to be fair) or reducing the render quality however the renders I’m producing are for both interior and exterior renders for my architectural portfolio so they have to be of good quality. Additionally, at some point in the modelling process, it seemed as though vray just stopped working completely so at this point I’m afraid to make any changes to the actual settings of the software. Please, someone help!

I’m attaching a link to the model below:
The model is in the folder!
Sincerely an exhausted Architecture student
Ps: thanks for you’re time :')