SketchUp Bugsplat - Related to VRay, but what is the actual cause of this?

Hi, I have a SketchUp bug splat when rendering a large file with VRay.
It says that this crash appears to be related to Vray Software.
I would like to know what the exact cause is.

Crash Report #160011

Version of SketchUp Pro is 18.0.16975 64bit.
Version of VRay is 3.60.03.
Windows 10 Pro

Intel i7-8700@3.2GHz 12 threads
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti


Was it just one bug splat or does it happen every time? Can you describe what you were doing when SketchUp crashed on you?

Thanks for your support.
specifically I am rendering with VRay for SketchUp, the crash happens during the ‘Building Light Cache’ phase.


Ok, that’s a bit more helpful. But does it crash on EVERY model during 'Building Light Cache…" or just one particular model? I’m trying to help determine if there is something corrupted in your model, like a bad file path or material or if there is a problem with your installation of VRAY. I would also recommend reinstalling VRAY just to be safe if you have not done so already.

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thanks, just this model. and only if every geometry in this model is visible. if I turn off cars, people, vegetation, it renders fine. Thanks for the tip with reinstalling VRay.

Sounds like something in your model has a bad file path, which can cause VRAY to crash or render black. You can post model link here so myself, or others, can take a close look to see what specifically in your model is causing the problem.’

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thanks, for this. I’ll ask approval to post first. Helpful so far :slight_smile:

How large is the file?

In general, it is better to make use of (VRay) render proxys instead of bloating your file with polygons…

Yes thanks, the file is massive. (1.7GB). I have tried repalcing the cars with proxies, but then the purge of the SU file caused the file to crash. I will have to try this again. Thanks for your input.

1.7 gb is waaaaaaay big. My VRAY files fully loaded tend to be closer to 150-200 mb. Which is still large! Hopefully you can find a way to shrink your file size to something more manageable…the fact you can get it open at all is an achievement.

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Thanks for your support.
sorry for the late answer.

Yes waaaaaaay too big.

I managed to solve the problem by replacing all high detail objects with proxies. File size now at 313mb.

Renders now work like a charm.
Even interactive.
Even GPU.

No crashes.
​​​​​​​No further examination required.

Thamks for all your suggestions.

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