Vray for Sketchup Bugsplat when rendering

Hi Everyone,

I need help with a bugsplat I am having when rendering with Vray3.4 on Sketchup. The bugsplat happens after the “Building light cache”… when rendering starts.

I have tried to uninstall and reinstall Vray (Didn’t work)
I have tried to uninstall and reinstall Sketchup+Vray (didn’t work)
I have tried purging unused files and nothing works I still get the same bugsplat.

I also tried opening an old file and still the same. Please help with what can I do to fix this? I really need it to work for the next few days…

Thanks in advance!

Have you gotten other files to render fine and it’s just this particular model or does this happen every time?

I’ve had other files in the past render fine… then 3 days ago it started happening and now it happens with every file.

I changed some render settings so that might be it… but I tried changing them again and still nothing.

And also… the file is not very big, it has 304 mb.

Can you zip the file and upload to dropbox, WeTransfer, etc and post link? Sounds like you have a bad material, light, asset reference that’s crashing when trying to load at render time. Have you tried rendering with ‘Materials Override’ setting turned on? If you have lights, Dome or artificial…try disabling those as well. It’s unfortunately a bit of trial and error to find out what’s causing the crash.

Yes sure, if you can take a look at it… it would be AMAZING! I’ll attach the link asap.

Here is the link: https://we.tl/t-7hxHq9AhNx

I just started using Vray and Sketchup so please ignore if the model is looking crazy :slight_smile:

Seemed to work ok for me. I first ‘Purged Unused’ under Window/Model Info/Statistics. That dropped the file size down from 300+mb to 56mb. Maybe that will help. Let me know. I still suspect it’s a bad material and or invalid file path causing the problem.

did you use the same parameters that I had or did you change them? If yes please let me know what have you changed… maybe that can be the problem also

I just lowered the quality and the dimensions so it would render faster. Note I’m using SU2020 with VRAY Next Update 2.

Okay, thank you! I am trying to render with the parameters that I had now… I only purged the unused so I’ll be able to see if that was the problem without changing anything else!

I’ll let you know. And thank you so much for the time and the help!

And nope… still the same bugsplat. Is there a way to find out which material is at fault?

Try posting on Chaos Group’s forum as well since they may have seen this error more often. To find the bad material, start by turning ‘Material Override’ on, then you can, one material at a time, uncheck ‘can be overrriden’. Try doing a low quality draft render to speed the process up. Go down your materials list and see if one causes the crash by itself.

so what is your version? 3.4 is a bit outdated (3.6 was the latest for that Major Version)
but 3.x won’t work with SketchUp 2019 and higher.

Your user profile is confusing…

Just looking at your scene, did you get the drapes from 3D warehouse?
I had an issue last year where a two sided material on drapes caused crashes during renders both locally and on chaos cloud. It took me a week to find the material that was causing the problem. The only way I found out was looking at the bucket render progress on chaos cloud to see at what point the render terminated and work from there.
I just got rid of that drape geometry and the material and created a new one.
I know it sounds a bit specific. The you never know.

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Sorry I didn’t fill in the correct information :dizzy_face:. I am using Sketchup 2017 with Vray 3.4. I don’t have time to make any big changes right now so I’ll make sure to switch as soon as I am done with project.

Hi, thank you so much for the explanation. I am actually following the advice from @eric-s and I have enabled Material Override and I am unchecking and rendering one material at a time… so hopefully this will be IT for me. I unchecked the drapes a little earlier and they seem fine so far… but who know.

You were right! It was several bad materials… which I have removed and hopefully when I re apply them I won’t have the same problem. Thank you very much :slight_smile: !!!

No problem. Glad you got it…V-Ray can be sensitive sometimes…especially when using models from 3D Warehouse, where it may be hard to vet (and fix) them all prior to adding to your model.

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