Error rendering with Vray and Skethup Pro 2018



Rendering with Vray and Sketchup Pro (2018) :

Sometimes a scene when rendering with Vray, can give an error and close the program.
When trying again, the process is repeated.
How to find out where the error would be, what does the file “splash”, without rendering?
It has happened to me several times, without being able to easily find where the reason for the error is!
Would someone know how to repair that type of failure?
Thank you


A complex/faulty model might be causing it. What’s in your scene, can you share a screenshot?

You can try this: Copy your objects and paste in place to new SketchUp file one by one and test render to detect which one is causing problem.


Ok, i understand, but i dont find where the problem.
I see again and again the same bug splat…
here twoo screenshot

( do you want the original model?..i have new lamps…but i dont understand what is wronge)
Thanks your comments


Sure, send me your .skp (2017) file.


Here the file, i cant find where there is a fout for rendering.
(or i cant send here 16 mb/file)

So, i cant continue this work for the moment until find the fouts/errors.
Can you help me ?


i try the original, but is too heavy (16mb)


Do this:
1- In SketchUp go to Extensions > V-Ray > Export > Pack Project (This will save images and .skp file in a zip file)
2- Upload your zipped file to Mediafire or Dropbox and share the link here.


How to find a reason, when BugSplat when rendering with Vray a scene ?


Yes, you see.

Other people, but the same problem,

Whitout clear solutions from the software in this point.

(Uploading the file)




Well, as i guessed some of the objects were causing it. There are lots of ‘backfaces’ (light blue color) facing the camera which is bad (See your model in ‘monochrome’ mode).
Lamp got too many components and groups nested inside, i exploded all of them. Also blinds and some paintings have weird issues, so i just deleted them. I realized that all the images you imported probably causing a problem. So instead create a material with the texture and apply it to a face.
Later I used CleanUp³ extension to clean the ‘mess’.

Here is the ‘fixed’ SketchUp file:

Here is a quick render:



Thanks for your comments.

I am in a job,and i see later with details your notes.

(Yes, i use too cleanup extension)

Really apreciated your help!

Many thanks




Hello again

I can open this file…in warehouse

please can you send to me, this file !

or send to my email, via wetransfer ? pls

( but …You could leave it privately I do not want to leave it as public, it’s my drawings, real sketchs from me).




i cant open ( sorry !)
Here the screenshot there

error in the file warehouse


Hey Filibis !!

but i cant open this file in these adress. (warehouse)…
there is a problem with this file.
can you send that to me ? maybe via wertransfer ?
Thanks again


Hi @cfeldman , you don’t need to reply 3 times in row. We probably live in different zones or just busy. I get notification when you just reply one time.

Model at 3D Warehouse was set to private by mistake, sorry. I made it public, now you can download.


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