Bug Splat, SketchUp V-ray


I have a problem with sketchUp. Yesterday i have instelled sketchUp 2020 trial version, then i installed the v-ray for sketchup, trial verison as well. I had created the model then i tried to render this model via v-ray. Only i click the render’s button, sketch up closes and the information about bug splat showes up. I can’t even see the details of report.

it look like on the screenshot (left one) below:

On the other hand, i noticed that you can open the V-ray asset editor and start to rendering using the render button in this asset editor, instead of using the shortcut frot\m the sceen. I really don’t know what is the difference between both ways but, i can simply read such an information as on the screenshot (right one):

after this comunicate shows up, nothing more happens.

Does anybody know, what is going on ?

Try this:

  1. Turn on “material override” (maybe materials are causing this problem)
  2. Or open empty file and try to render


unfortunately nothig more/special has happened . I turned on ‘material override’ and even in empty scene the sketchup closes and give the information abut this bug splat ;(

I did not try Vray with SketchUp 2020, but I saw somewhere that Vray Next is compatible with SketchUp 2020.

Maybe the best place to ask about this is Chaosgroup forum https://forums.chaosgroup.com/

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