SketchUp crashes when using V-Ray

I have a problem of using my extension, V-ray (v3.60.03). SketchUp Pro 2017 tends to crash itself or shows a bug splat whenever I use Asset Editor, V-ray Lights, Render and anything else that involves with V-ray.

Do you have any solutions regarding to this matter? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

This is the bug splat that displays in my screen:

Guys. If you ever encounter this problem. I solved it! My previous version is SketchUp 2017. Now, I upgraded it into 2018. It worked!

Also, if you have SketchUp 2017 and want to stay with it. There is a solution. You’ll just connect to a network like a wi-fi or hotspot before opening SketchUp. It’s weird but it worked!

I hope these solutions will solve your problem.

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