Unexplainable crash

Hi Everybody,

I’m having serious troubles rendering with vray in sketchup 2015. I’ve worked for the past year with this version, and never experianced any problems. Sketchup crashes while rendering whit vray. My file is 28MB, so not quite big i think. I’ve tried some bigger files from before and tested them, also crashed… I’m sure they worked before, because these projects are finished. What can I get you of information to help me clear this problem? I have a bugsplat and .log and dmp-files. These last ones, i cant open, but i guess thats normal. i’ve send the bugsplat reports, but i need a solution at very short notice, so i need you guys.

When you submitted the bugsplat reports, did you put any identifying information on them? Name, email address, etc? If so, I can look them up in the database.

Also, if you fill out your profile with your machine, OS, and SketchUp version, it will help us help you!