Corrupted Sketchup file

hi there,
I work on an important project and I kind of finished it, but when I tried to render it ( I use Vray 6) it crashes. the program instantly shuts down. every time I open vray it appears that vray couldn’t log with this error file or smth like that. When I try to copy the model in a new sketchup it takes all the malicious settings from the privious file. It seems like I have to do the project all over again. even when I try to copy one simple component it compromises the new sketchup file.
Please help.

It’s sounds more like an issue with Vray than an issue with the file. Can you open other files? Can you share the file here so someone else can try it in their Vray?

yes, I can open and render other files. this one is the only one that has this problem.
i will share the file here

7 million edges
You downloaded a lot of high-poly components from the 3D Warehouse and did not clean after deleting some of them.
After using Purge, the file size dropped from 543 MB to 311 MB.


It can be rendered, it doesn’t give an error, but it is likely that at high settings, some problems will appear.

I’ve tried that. still not working. it continues to shut down when I open Vray. Can you please save it from your computer and send me the file after, to see if it helps? thanks

It is most likely that you will have to rearrange your model, by using low-poly components instead of high-poly ones, turn off the tags of objects that do not appear in the scene, etc…

311 MB file (purged)

This is a model for Hoarders Annonymous. I did a more involved purge and cleanup including fixing incorrect tag usage, purging unused components, tags, and materials, and reducing some excessively large textures to more reasonable size. The file saved out at 272Mb. This model could still stand to be cleaned up even more. Many of the books in the office and elsewhere have textures that cannot be seen and yet Vray will have to consider them for rendering. The same applies to the labels on the wine bottles in the wine fridge. There are also some exposed blue back faces on some of the components in the model. You’ll want to fix them. The throw on the couch is floating. You might want to deal with that, too.

There are shelves that will never be seen inside cabinets that load up your model without giving any benefit. Same sort of unneeded detail in the oven, the extractor vent over the cooktop and the sinks. All of that kind of stuff makes your computer work harder and makes it more likely that SketchUp and Vray will struggle. A serious cleaning would be worth your time.


If you are using V-ray and have a license for that it would be worth your while to first check the entourage elements etc. that are available in V-Ray’s ChaosCosmos browser in the Asset Editor. They import as low-polygon proxy objects that V-Ray replaces with the much heavier full resolution versions when you render your model.

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