Help! Can't open my urgent 3D model, crashes instantly!

My 3D model was progressively getting slower and starting to crash.
Its over 200MB and after a bit of research (Im still a bit of a newbie) I realised I need to purge unused items. But now I can’t even open it and it just crashes as soon as I try to. I updated my graphics drivers and reinstalled the program but still no luck.

Can someone please try to help me? I need to present to my client next week and I’ve been working on it for weeks! Ive uploaded via web and it does open but then crashes and I cant see what needs purging. Ive put a link to the file here.


I’ll see what I can do.

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Thank you!

I was able to open your file. My guess is your graphics card is not up to the task. You’re right about needing to purge the file. I did my standard cleanup procedure. First I fixed incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 6_28_2024 , 11_37_08 AM
Then I purged unused content. There was a lot of unused stuff in your model.
Screenshot - 6_28_2024 , 11_37_56 AM
I also resized a few excessively large texture images. This cleanup reduced the file size by about one-third but more could be done.

You have used a lot of images, though, and many of them are much larger than they need to be. You also have many overly detailed components from the 3D Warehouse. This is a common thing for new users. I would suggest going throught the model and either simplify components or replace them with simpler ones.

You also have quite a bit of geometry with exposed back faces. I’ve edited the back face color to make those exposed back faces more visible. If you plan to make any renders from this model you’ll definitely want to fix those. I’ll upload the file and come back with a link shortly.

BTW, this is a funny image.

Don’t take this the wrong way but I would suggest you spend some time learning to use SketchUp. It’s important that you keep your models under control and don’t overload them with unneeded detail. For example, the typewrite. It’s a neat little bit of entoruage but unless your entire “story” is about that typewriter, you probably don’t need any of the internal details. All that excess detail is pure liability and no asset.

Back soon.

Here’s the link.

Thank you so much! I definitely have plenty to learn! That mirror image is a part of the many things my client is asking me to use in her design :slight_smile: I will definitely get rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff. If you have any good Sketchup resources let me know, I’ve just taught myself via YouTube.

You’re welcome.

I guess we all do. :wink:

Did the client supply the picture? If so, I think it’s fun to leave the image as it is. Otherwise I might consider editing it to eliminate the reflection.

I think the main thing is to learn to be discerning about the entourage you add to your models. The general advice is to download components from the 3D Warehouse into a separate SketchUp session where you can inspect them. Decide if the component is acceptable, needs cleanup, or needs to be rejected before you add it into your project model. Make sure everything you add to your model is adding value to the “story” you are trying to tell your client. Don’t waste time, entity count, texture size, etc. on stuff that doesn’t advance your story. Here’s another example.

Does the 3D text element in those empty picture frames add something useful to your model? If not, delete the text. Do you need the turnbuttons and easels on the backs of those frames? They can’t be seen from the front and the frames won’t tip over without the easels.

Do the book cover textures add anything important to the model? Some of the books have just simple colors for their covers. I think they are just as easily read as books as the ones with the detailed covers. Some of thes things probably seem small and insignificant but when your model gets to be like yours is, they all add up.

Remember that at the end of the day, what you are making is closer to a theatrical set than a place for your client to live. It needs to represent the place the client will live but it doesn’t need to have the extensive detail.

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