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Can anyone help me to purge this. Really need to open this, thanks.

You need to give us access to the file on your google drive

Yeah, the file is about 2GB uncompressed with 8 million edges and lord knows what sizes the texture images might be. Someone with more horse power will have to take up this task. It is beyond me.

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Hi, I’ve been able to purge & cleanup to get it down to a 530MB size, trying to remove the textures created a bugsplat.
If you’d like the 530MB file, please give me access to a folder on your Gdrive where I can put it.

By purging I got to 530MB
By removing the plants, books, statues and anything else on the shelves it went down to 357MB

And by removing the beds it went down to 168MB!

Your problem is definitely all the models downloaded from the 3D Warehouse.

There a 2 ways to have a “big” file :

  • either it’s filles with a lot of geometry. you don’t get a heavy file in terms of mb but it feels sluggish to manipulate
  • or you have a file with lots of materials with lots of stupidly big sizes. like a 4000x5000 20 mb image for a door handle. that kind of stuff.

your file has both, and yes, as Cappo sais, it’s because of all the warehouses things.

Capture d’écran 2023-10-12 à 11.47.58

see the selected blanket ? it’s 700 000 entities. lines and faces. this blanket is more complex than your whole architectural project (walls, windows, doors…)
second on the list is a plant on the bet table. third are a couple of “carved low poly” statues on another bed table, funny enough, they look low poly but are anything but.

I’m using a pair of extensions, free, from the 3d warehouse :
material resizer and CG impact repost. the first allows me to select some materials and make them smaller (therefore lighter), the other tells me what components and groups are complex, and allows me to select them.

Capture d’écran 2023-10-12 à 12.06.47
and you see, no matter how many purges and how small I’ll make the materials (I’ve tried at 720px maximum), your file will remain big because you have 300+ materials, and hard to manipulate because you have 8,5 MILLION lines and 5,4 MILLION faces.

mostly beds, pillows and blankets though.

I noticed that some of the component were actually scaled down. you downloaded a big size component and scaled it down to put in your model. This is usually a good indication that you’ll get trouble later : if the component was modelled or imported at bigger scale, chances are it was detailed for this bigger scale.

here is your file post purge with materials limited to 720px. might be a bit low, you’re free to reopen the original file and resize to 1000 or 1200 px. it’s still 500+ mb because it’s still just a LOT of things with a LOT of materials and a LOT of geometry you don’t need.

my advice ?

Delete all the extra blankets. on the chair, the beds… and remove some of the plants, you don’t need 10 different models of plants and flowers. the same one could be near the bed and in the living room. it’s a 3d model, not reality.
Pick models that looks good but are not 1 million polygons with 60mb materials.

Capture d’écran 2023-10-12 à 12.11.52

here goes my late morning I guess.

Edit : WOW.
I removed all materials, the file is still 488 mb. post purge I got 515, pre it was… well you know.
it’s really not a material problem, but a component / geometry.

typical or models mad in another software and then imported raw into SU to become huge bloated cesspools of geometry.
removing the beds and bedtables dropped the file under 200mb at once.

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Thanks guy. I can open it now. Thank you all very much, I really appreciate it.

I am only wondering what is happening here. It seems to me that there have been several cases recently of models not opening for their owners, giving error messages, but opening without problems for others when posted online, and becoming usable when purged and slimmed down. I don’t know that other contributors like @DaveR or @ateliernab have any specially powerful hardware or software.
Is it, again, a matter of storage method? @jdliang96, Are you keeping your model in cloud storage and opening it directly from there?

did it on the mac mini m1, 3,2Ghz processor, 16Gb Ram, a ssd. so not a beast of a computer indeed.

it took maybe 3-4 min to open, I let it be. And then, most tasks were long and slow. I ended up making 4 copies, keeping about a quarter of the project on each, so I could manage materials.

using an old school hard drive, or an external one, or a drive could make opening it much longer. Or maybe it’s a limitation of Ram available, at peak, it was taking 10-11 Gb of my 16, a machine with 8 might not have had the power to open it.

also, @jdliang96 , what is SKetchup free 2021 exactly ? :smiley:
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Please help me fix my file, it cant be opened, i dont know what to do, please help

@michael.sontanipartners people will see your other post and help if they can. No need to post the file twice.

oh sorry i didnt know, its my first time posting to this community, my apology

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